Line of Drak

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Line of Drak

Kaisers: Kaiser Sehml - Kaiseress Kizzy
Grand Duchess of Goldshire: Kizzy Drakland
Ruling Steward of Elwynn: Luix Rakira
Queen of Malarboria: Kizzy Drakland
Faro of Flaventia: Nathan II

Head of House: Kyle Kilynn
Progenitor: Kaiser Sehml

Line: Drak
Progenitor: Sehml
Established: 1615

Bio: A recently discovered offshoot of the Line of Grifos. Archaeological evidence in Dracoheim, Natopia, has uncovered links to the Dracoheim culture on So-Sara. A certain poorer segment of Draconian So-Sarans began to adopt nomadic lifestyles around 1400 BSC and a substantial migration occurred around 1300 BCS. Kaiser Loki I was rumored to have spent some time in the Dracoheim brothels during his reign (b1584–b1523) and many oral traditions of the Draconian families, including the Drakires and Draklands, make reference to a great king as ancestor whose descendants will eventually earn their rightful place in the world according to their royal blood.

It has been theorized that this group of nomadic Draconian So-Sarans island-hopped from So-Sara, to the Yardistani islands, to Istvanistan, and finally to Yellow Island where they eventually settled around present day Lindstrom, Natopia, where they flourished and became established until the disastrous first contact with Nett Opaegh.

The Line of Drak has connections to Elwynn through the Drakire/Rakira branch and Goldshire through the Drakland branch. The Line of Drak is known as House Kilynn in the Most Serene Union. The future children of Kyle Kilynn and Asara Waffel-Paine, will belong to both the Line of Drak and the House of Waffel-Paine.