IRS Medusa

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IRS Medusa

Gravrig plain.png
Type: Gravrig-Cruiser
Place of origin: Shireroth

In service: 1643 AN - Present
Used by:
New flag Shireroth.png
Imperial Navy
Planned 1
Completed: 1
Commissioned: 1

Designed: Pre-1606
Manufacturer: Ryker Airships

Length: 192 m
Beam: 30 m
Propulsion: Mortis G.I.R. Engine (Gravitational-Inversion Rig)
Range: 4,150 km
Endurance: 5 days manned
Maximum Altitude: 6,100 m
Speed: 20 knots loiter speed
300 knots cruising speed
381 knots maximum speed
450 knots "do not exceed" speed
Complement: 781
Vehicles carried:
Armament: 155 mm Long Tom Autocannons x3
Launcher Modules x4
Sensors and Processing Systems:
  • Panopticon Suite
    • Dokhtar-e Ahriman central processing unit
    • Froyalan dual-mode Synthetic Aperture / Moving Target Indication (SAR/MTI) radar
    • VERITAS encrypted telex-relay syste
  • 2 × I-band Radar
  • 1 × E/F-band Radar
  • Electro-Optical Gun Control System

Cost: 319.1B Erb
3,500 Anunia Points

The IRS Medusa is a gravitational inversion rig in service with the Western Armada of the Imperial Navy of Shireroth since 1643 Ab Nortone. It is the latest iteration of the long-running Project Mortis an enduring attempt by Shireroth as well as, formerly, the Kingdom of Babkha and an independent Elwynn to reverse engineer and replicate the anti-gravity technology of Jasonia and Menelmacar.

The Medusa incorporates significant amounts of software lifted from the Babkhano-Elwynnese Panopticon programme, a suite of electronic hardware and programs designed to achieve total information awareness over the battlefield, although the Babkhans invariably abused the programme to create a system of domestic mass-surveillance.

Photograph of a Khalypsine caravan passing under the guns of a distant but loitering IRS Medusa.
The bustling Port Verion with the IRS Medusa loitering overheard during the visit of Kaiser Dominus to the island.

Development History

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