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| [[Image:Redquill.png|75x121px]] || [[Ryker Everstone]] (''Acting'') || 1589 || 12.VIII.1667–21.XI.1667 || ? || || [[Kaiser Ayreon IV|Ayreon IV]] || [Acting steward following <br> the death of Hartmut Aldric
| [[Image:Redquill.png|75x121px]] || [[Ryker Everstone]] (''Acting'') || 1589 || 12.VIII.1667–21.XI.1667 || ? || || [[Kaiser Ayreon IV|Ayreon IV]] || [Acting steward following <br> the death of Hartmut Aldric
| [[Image:SorayaOP.png|75x121px]] || [[Octavius#Soraya_Octavius-Parini|Soraya II of Octavius-Parini]] || 1617 || 21.XI.1667– || ? || || [[Kaiser Ayreon IV|Ayreon IV]] || [[1667 Steward election|Elected, 1667]]
| [[Image:SorayaOP.png|75x121px]] || [[Octavius#Soraya_Octavius-Parini|Soraya II of Octavius-Parini]] || 1617 || 21.XI.1667– || ? || || [[Kaiser Ayreon IV|Ayreon IV]] || [[1667 Steward election|Elected, 1667]] <br> [[1670 Steward election|Elected, 1670]]

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The Steward's Shield of Honour.

The Steward of the Imperial Republic is the head of the executive. Elected by the Landsraad and thereafter appointed by the Kaiser, the Steward runs the government for a term of three years. He or she appoints ministers and other persons under law. The Steward also has power of decree over a wide range of topics for the imperial dominions and for matters of imperial competency. The current Steward is Waldemar Zinkgraven.

Prior to the enactment of the Carta Ayreonica in 1653, the Steward governed Shireroth whenever the Kaiser was unable to. In 1653, the post of Regent was split off from Steward, and the Steward consolidated permanent government power. Ruling Stewards occurred between reigns of kaisers for various reasons. For example, upon the forced abdication of Kaiser Cedris I (with the designated heir unable to take on the kaisership), Steward Carl Jackson of Novi Nigrad governed until the House of Ashura (which had been tasked with finding the next Kaiser) had presented Kaiserin Rei I to the nobility of Shireroth.

At the Coronation of Hasan I, The Prophet presented to the then Steward Jacobus Loki a "Shield made of dark Silver, with the white-gold inlay of a mighty fruit bearing tree, with black pearls hanging from the branches". The Prophet named this the Shield of the Steward, the Shield of Honor.

The title Steward has existed also in many Shirerithian jurisdictions as a caretaker government title.

List of recent Stewards

See also the List of Stewards.

Before 1653, the position of Steward was not by all kaisers considered a permanent position. Some kaisers appointed stewards only for specific events, other kaisers always had a stand-in steward and tasked him or her with certain business.

Portrait Personal name Birth Tenure Death House or bloodline Kaiser Note
Fax Celestis 1466 Ari 0
ruling steward in the absence of a kaiser
Nikkolo 1475–1477 Landsraad ruling steward in the absence of a kaiser
Ari Rahikkala 1483–1484 Aurefiction
Meskan I
as Kantzler
Erik Mortis III 1484–1486 Jadie
Jadie Doran 1486–1493 Mors
Gregory of Amity 1493–1497 Los II
Raynor XI
Shyriath Bukolos 1497–1502 Raynor XI
Mors IV
Scott of Alexander 1502–1504 Ari i
Shyriath Bukolos 1504–1507 Alejian I
Fax Celestis 1507–1512 Los III
Semisa I
Nick Foghorn Leghorn 1512–1513 Letifer II
Gregory of Amity 1513–1514 Letifer II
William Meskan 1515–1516 Alejian II
Malarbor 1516–1518 Alejian II
Baldwin Plantagenet Julii 1518–1519 Alejian II
Gregory of Amity 1520–1524 Carol
Jacobus Loki 1535–1542 Mors V
Hasan I
Harald of Froyalan 1542 Hasan I
Carol of Lumina's Light 1542 Ayreon I
Ardashir Moqtada Osmani 1542–1543 Ayreon I
Oroigawa Koreyasu 1543–1547 Ayreon I
Loki III
Ari Rahikkala 1547–1548 Reynardine I
Oroigawa Koreyasu 1548–1551 Agni I
Leo Dine 1551–1552 Erasmas
Jacobus Loki 1552–1553 Anandja I
Leo Dine 1552–1554 Anandja I
Ardashir Moqtada Osmani 1554–1557 Anandja I
Gaelen III
Malliki Tosha 1557 Aurangzeb
Leo Dine 1557–1560 Aurangzeb
Leto III
Malliki Tosha 1560–1561 Leto III
Ryan of Yardistan 1561 Leto III
Erik Mortis 1561–1562 Malarbor I
Daniel Kalirion 1562–1564 Mors VI
Falkner van der Sluijs 1566–1570 Anandja II
Ikol II
Ometeotl I
Giles Melang 1574–1577 Gaelen IV
Carl Jackson 1577 Cedris
Oroigawa Kitsune 1577–1579 Rei
Jacobus Loki 1582–1584 Reynardine II
Kozhi Rraahan 1584–1585 Loki IV
Carl Jackson 1585–1587 Loki IV
Vilhelm Benkern 1587–1588 Hasan II
Conglacio Swefhert 1588–1589 Ayreon II
Johnathan Nelson Wythe II 1589 Ayreon II
Ari Rahikkala 1590–1591 Wythe
Vilhelm Benkern 1591 Wythe
Shyriath Bukolos 1602–1606 Mira Raynora Mnr
Mira Octavius-Aryani 1606–1608 Aiomide as Regent
Choygal Kamala 1608–1610 Trantor IV
Shyriath Bukolos 1610–1613 Mo'll
Mo'llportrait.jpg Ryabin Merkayastreb 1613–1614 1614 Mors IV Died in office.
Stellusportrait.png Stellus Yastreb 1614–1615 c. 1622 Mors IV Ruling steward after abdication
Redquill.png Ryker Everstone 1589 1615–1617 Redquill Sehml Succeeded to throne
as Redquill
Mira Raynora Minor 1617–1620 Redquill
Aasmund.jpg Aasmund Vigeland 1620 Isa IV Executed by Isa IV.
Jonathan2.jpg Jonathan Ayreon-Kalirion 1620 Isa IV Succeeded to throne
as Ayreon III
JacobD.jpg Jacob Darylion-Verion 1620–1623 Ayreon III Succeeded to throne
as Verion I
Jonathan2.jpg Jonathan Ayreon-Kalirion Hurmu, 1603 1623–1624 Light, 1629 Ayreon-Kalirion Verion I
Kizzy Drakland Demonsfall, 1597 1624–1626 died 1639,
returned 1650
Drak Daniel III Succeeded to throne
as Kizzy
Vilhelm Benkern 1626–1631? Kizzy
Raynor XII
Mira Raynora Minor 1631–1634 Raynor XII
Vacant 1634–1636 Brrapa VII
Altea Lomax.jpg Altea Lomax Tarkyr, 1607 1636–1639 Hjalmar
Yumi.jpg Yumi Zotrasdóttir unknown 1639–1642 Kviteseid Hjalmar Redquill
KH.png Hallbjörn Haraldsson Port Nevermore, 1588 1642–1644 Ettlingar Freyu Dominus
Adam.jpeg Adam Ayreon-Kalirion Ardashirshahr, 1630 1644–1645 Ura'Bos, 1650 Ayreon-Kalirion
Aurangzeb II*
Jailed by Noor.
Dravot III.png Daniyal Dravot Normark, 1559 1645–1647 Modan-Lach, 1657 Noor
Altea Lomax.jpg Altea Lomax Tarkyr, 1607 1647 Noor
Isabella.jpg Isabella Simrani-Kalirion Ribat al-Eluinshahr, 1603 1647–1648 Ayreon-Kalirion Ayreon-Kalirion Noor
Kylekilynn.png Kyle Kilynn Demonsfall, 1617 1648–1651 Demonsfall, 1656 Drak
Ayreon IV
Liv Dravot II.png Liv Dravot Shirekeep, 1615 1651–1654 Ayreon IV
Waldemar Zinkgraven.png Waldemar Zinkgraven Dietsland, 1590 1654–1657 Zinkgraven Ayreon IV Elected.
MiraOA.png Mira II Octavius-Aryani c. 1617 1657–1663 Shirekeep, 1663 Octavius Ayreon IV Elected, 1657
Reelected 1660
Died in office
Poshaldric.jpg Hartmut Aldric (Acting) Zolt, 1613 11.I.1663–21.IV.1663 ? Ayreon IV Acting Steward following
the death of Mira II Octavius-Aryani
Poshaldric.jpg Hartmut Aldric Zolt, 1613 21.IV.1663–12.VIII.1667 12.VIII.1667 Ayreon IV Elected, 1663
Reelected, 1666.
Redquill.png Ryker Everstone (Acting) 1589 12.VIII.1667–21.XI.1667 ? Ayreon IV [Acting steward following
the death of Hartmut Aldric
SorayaOP.png Soraya II of Octavius-Parini 1617 21.XI.1667– ? Ayreon IV Elected, 1667
Elected, 1670