Novi Nigrad

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Novi Nigrad (Yardistan; Nigrad Nehix ['ni.ʀad 'nɛ.ʔɪks]) is the de facto capitol of Yardistan. Situated in the north of the isle between the two northern peninsulas, the city was formed around what used to be a military base and port. While the home of the Anarch is in the city of Vjemajnstaan, situated in the mountains to the south, most important functions of the ducal government are administered from Novi Nigrad.

'Nigrad' was the name of an city in Novi Dalmacija, a barony in the Duchy of Kildare ruled by Stjepan Aracic, one of the progenitors of all Yardistan.

In the year 1650, the Ward of Nigrad Nehix was granted to Armin Jamal-Arminzadeh for his role as Master of the Jaysh al-Sathrati.