1663 Steward election

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In 1663, the Landraad held an election for Steward following the death of Mira II of Octavius-Ayrani. It was the first election to take place under the ranked-choice voting scheme in which all candidates were ranked in order of preference. The Duke of Calezi one the election in the third round of counting.

There were four candidates for Steward: The Duke of Calezi, the Marchioness of Sentratera, Lady Rei, and the King of Goldshire.


Per Elector

Elector Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4
Sentratera Sentratera Rei Calezi Goldshire
Imperial Mother Calezi Goldshire Sentratera Rei
Elwynn Calezi Sentratera Rei Goldshire
Vigeland Sentratera Rei Calezi Goldshire
Kezan Calezi Goldshire Rei Sentratera
Calezi Calezi Goldshire Rei Sentratera
Goldshire Goldshire Sentratera Calezi Rei
Rei (by Proxy) Rei Calezi Goldshire Sentratera
Furniture Calezi Rei Sentratera Goldshire
Nostalgia Sentratera Rei Calezi Goldshire

Counting the votes

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
Calezi 5 5 6 (+1)
Sentratera 3 4 (+1) 4
Rei 1 1 0 (-1)
Goldshire 1 0 (-1) 0