Kaiser Mors V

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Line of Mortis

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Shyriath I
Progenitor: Mortis Raynor M'Jilliad

Mors V Imperator

Mortis Mercator V, known by the Imperial Name of Kaiser Mors V began his reign by killing the still living, though deposed, Kaiser Letifer III due to his ineptitude and inactivity. Next he granted amnesty to Mahamantot for his attempt to claim the throne. Further, Mors V began yet another Shirerithian revival attempt known as The Great Consolidation.

Kaiser Mors V, was the first modern kaiser to make use of an Imperial Cypher.

Kaiser Mors V is yet another example of an Erik Kaisership.

In Imperial Decree 275 Kaiser Mors V appointed Jacobus Loki, Duke of Yardistan as his steward. Jacobus Loki suceeded him as Kaiser Loki II.

It was the last wish of Mors V that the Imperial Charter be reinstated, and it was to this task that he was going when he was killed by a band of escaped mental patients in 3119asc. This wish was fulfulled by his Steward by Imperial Decree 279

Imperial Decrees Made By This Kaiser: Imperial Decree 270, Imperial Decree 271, Imperial Decree 272, Imperial Decree 273, Imperial Decree 274, Imperial Decree 275
Steward Decrees Made Under This Kaiser: Imperial Decree 276, Imperial Decree 277, Imperial Decree 278, Imperial Decree 279

Preceded by:
Mahamantot I
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by:
Loki II

See also: The Great Consolidation