Kaiser Mahamantot I

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Line of Win'Eth

Mahamantot I - Leto III - Gaelen IV - Brrapa VII

Progenitor: Mahamantot I

Mahamantotarebadum I, or Mahamantot I (aka Mahamantot the Lawbreaker), was a self declared and crazy kaiser of Shireroth. He ruled the nation from October 25, 2007 (3002 ASC) to October 27 2007 (3004 ASC) and belonged to the Noble Line of Win'Eth.


The name was chosen by Praetor Jonas to rebuild the Imperial Republic which was fallen in inactivity, chaos and this time even called death by the most loyal citizens. In a burst of patriotism, he called himself the Kaiser and Lord Protector of the New Imperial Republic of Shireroth. However, the New Republic stayed a dream inside the head of Mahamantot, because not long after taking over power from Letifer III, he gave it away to Kaiser Mors V. After which he dissapeared.


He resigned of the throne when Kaiser Mors V killed Letifer III, who was still around, and claimed the throne of Shireroth. Afraid of being killed himself, Mahamantot quickly gave the throne to Mors V.
He got amnesty for the revolt against Kaiser Letifer III because of his assistance in the preservation of the Empire and disappeared. Some think he flee to Kildare, where he eventually died surrounded by his beloved and family.


No decrees were made by this Kaiser.

Preceded by:
Letifer III
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by:
Mors V