Kaiser Brrapa VII

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Line of Win'Eth

Mahamantot I - Leto III - Gaelen IV - Brrapa VII

Progenitor: Mahamantot I

Brrapa, happily ruling from His Throne.
Personal banner of Brrapa VII and His troops. The Shirerithian star in Raynorian red on a white background.

Kaltor Win'Eth, Count of Skyla, ascended the Mango Throne in 1633 ASC when his uncle, Kaiser Raynor XII, abdicated in the favour of his nephew. He took the name Kaiser Brrapa VII, referring to how Raynor the First made his own son, Brrapa I, the Kaiser. He is a member of the Line of Win'Eth, a minor Dynasty.


Brrapa's reign started in silence. After having received the news of the abdication of his uncle, Brrapa had locked himself up in his room, and avoided contact with others for over five days. Servants feared that he had gone mad (or at least madder than most of His dynasty), but on the sixth day this seemed false alarm.

The new Kaiser informed those who wanted to hear it that he had prayed to the gods non-stop in the hope of guidance. No god had visited him during these days and it had almost brought him into dispair, till he understood the meaning behind this: the gods wanted him to think for himself instead of depending on them. Happily, and hungry, he left his room and started governing over those who he could call his subjects.

A series of reforms were launched during the early years of his reign. The Mango-Strengthening Movement was established in 1633 in the hope to reform the armed forces (till then there was no clear jurisdiction for State and Imperial forces) and revive certain cultural aspects of Shirerithian society. The armed forces, with exception of some small elite units, would be led by the States, while the Navy would only serve the Empire and not the States.

The legal system received new buildings (subfora) to bring order in the chaos of the many Decrees, Laws and Treaties (and which often overlapped). The Tower of Bureaucratic Despair came into existence and was meant to honour Kaiser Ayreon III. At the same time, in an attempt to finally not get lost in the streets of the Ancient City, several cartographers were hired to finish Shyriath's work at the map of the Imperial capital.

He also hoped to achieve the re-establishment of Yardistan as a Duchy (a seperated State), possibly even under personal union of Goldshire.

In the spirit of the other Win'Eth Kaisers (who all wanted to impress their descendants with building palaces), he ordered the construction of the Gates of the Guttuli at the estuary of the Elwynn River.

Imperial Decrees

Imperial Decrees made by this Kaiser: Imperial Decree 780, Imperial Decree 781, Imperial Decree 782, Imperial Decree 783.

Preceded by:
Kaiser Raynor XII
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by:
Kaiser Hjalmar