Tower of Bureaucratic Despair

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The Tower of Bureaucratic Despair.

The Tower of Bureaucratic Despair, or to unforgiving bureaucrats known as Tower of Sardonic Joy, is a building in Shirekeep near the Palace of Zirandorthel (the seat of the Landsraad). It houses copies of all laws, Decrees and Treaties still in effect. It was constructed by Kaiser Brrapa VII in 6035 ASC in honour of his predecessor Ayreon III, who had made an attempt to clean up the legal mess that his ancestor had left behind. Subsequent Kaisers reverted to type and the problem was as bad as it ever was.

Kaiser Hjalmar attempted to redress the problem by appointing a Scribe of Raynor's Keep to keep on top of the administrative burden. The position was subsequently retitled as Court Historian and Notary of Raynor's Keep (abbreviated to Court Historian) by Kaiser Dominus in 6312 ASC to reflect his more narrowly focused interpretation of the job remit under Imperial Decree 829.