Line of Win'Eth

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Line of Win'Eth

Mahamantot I - Leto III - Gaelen IV - Brrapa VII

Progenitor: Mahamantot I

Line: Win'Eth
Progenitor: Mahamantot
Established: 3002


The Line of Win'Eth claims its origin back from the era in which the Khaz Modan Empire was still ruling the coasts of Shireroth. When that Empire began to collapse and very suddenly met its demise. Survivours of the disaster spread throughout Benacia (one of them, Raynor, would later rise to fame as the first Kaiser of Shireroth). The Line of Win'Eth, however, travelled further west. Their adventures had brought them to the Regenteneilanden before the disaster, and that had saved them from death. The new freedom, and necessity to explore the mainland as resources became more and more scarce with the loss of contact with the Empire, led them to travel north and inland. They would form the foundations of one of the later Batavian ducal (and royal) families (the Windsors).

Thousands of years later, one of his descendants discovered this story and decided to travel back to Shireroth. This person became the founder of the Win'Eth dynasty. By marrying with a family member of the Line of Grifos, the claim on the imperial throne was strengthened. Looking for adventure, the members of the House travelled to the Dutchy of Kildare, where they eventually settled.

It was no surprise that the Line of Win'Eth, with its influence in the Kildarian lands and its claim on the Throne, further strengthened by several marriages with the Line of Grifos (of which the one between Mahamantot and his wife would be the most important), took the Throne in 3002 ASC.

The Line of Win'Eth had it roots in Kildare. This makes the connection of this line to the rulers of Shireroth over the centuries controversial, intriguing, and still being researched by scholars. After Kildarian independence during the reign of Kaiser Redquill, the Line was uncertain on how to act. Having lost much influence, their estates stolen or burned down by revolutionaries, made it unlikely that it would survive.

It wasn't until Kaiser Raynor XII came along and granted Kaltor (the later Brrapa VII) the County of Skyla Isles, that the tide turned. The House prospered once again with the abdication of Raynor in favour of Brrapa VII in 6027 ASC.

Unfortunately Brrapa's daughter launched a treacherous attack on the Elwynnese Union over some petty domestic grievance that is still, to this day, poorly understood by researchers. Gathering a force of mercenaries, the Win'Eth sought to capture Eliria by a night-time escalade on the Palace of Krull. The ruse was narrowly foiled and the attackers repulsed from the walls of Eliria by a hastily assembled force of Union Defence Force reservists, cudgellers and Longship Guardsmen. The defenders, having broken the foolhardy enemy attack, chased the Win'Eth partisans back to Shirekeep. Brrapa VII conveniently died of old age no long after the humiliating defeat. The fate of the Line of Win'Eth now hung in the balance.