Kaiser Leto III

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Line of Win'Eth

Mahamantot I - Leto III - Gaelen IV - Brrapa VII

Progenitor: Mahamantot I

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Kaiser Leto III or Leto III Ozymandias the desired, later he got the name Leto the Bold, of the Noble Line of Win'Eth was the 100th Kaiser of Shireroth. It's the royal name of Jonas Windsor. His arrival was predicted by several seers during the rule of Kaiser Aurangzeb.

Home politics

Rebellions and controversy

From the start of his rule, Leto was faced with the rebellious Baron of Dolor, Erik Mortis. His attempts to knock down the rebellion was not well received by the Baron. There even were rumours that he had plotted the failed murder attempts during the coronation of the Kaiser.

Leto's policies, including the move of the Shirerithian capital from Shirekeep to the Elwynnese city of Eliria and the change of the flag, were met with hostilities. His lack of debate about what seemed meaningless subjects in the eyes of the Kaiser often resulted in big arguments between the Kaiser and his proponents. A coup d'état by Harvey near the end of Leto's reign was avoided by a quick swift in power in which Leto was murdered by Malarbor, who proclaimed himself Kaiser Malarbor I (Ari).

Foreign politics

Coronation of Leto III in Raynor's Keep.

Leto III followed the same foreign policy as his predecessors, with Kaiseress Anandja I as great example: a peaceful way of diplomacy. He succeeded in his mission to keep peace with other nations, but within Shireroth there existed unhappiness with the Kaiser's ideas (or the lack of ideas).

Imperial Decrees

Imperial Decrees made by this Kaiser: Imperial Decree 416, Imperial Decree 417, Imperial Decree 418, Imperial Decree 419, Imperial Decree 420, Imperial Decree 421, Imperial Decree 422, Imperial Decree 423, Imperial Decree 424, Imperial Decree 425, Imperial Decree 426, Imperial Decree 428, Imperial Decree 429, Imperial Decree 430, Imperial Decree 432, Imperial Decree 433, Imperial Decree 434, Imperial Decree 435 and Imperial Decree 436.

Steward Decrees made under this Kaiser: Imperial Decree 427, Imperial Decree 431

Preceded by:
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by:
Malarbor I