Barony of Dolor

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Feudal Status: Barony
Capital: Cercé
Largest Cities: Alexandretta, Shirekeep

Local Leadership Title: The Baron
Local Government: Feudal
Current leader: Erik Mortis

Local language: English
Local Religion: Cedrism


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Duchy: Brookshire
Counties: Alexandretta, Monty Crisco, Caverden, Woodshire
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The Barony of Dolor, is a barony within the Duchy of Brookshire, and consists of the Counties of Monty Crisco, Alexandretta, Woodshire and Caverden. It is currently ruled over by Erik Mortis who is also the Count of Monty Crisco.


The Barony of Dolor borders the southern bank of the River Elywnn, and controls the land found inside the main fork of the river, which also contains the City of Shirekeep. To Dolor's south it is bordered by the Brookshire barony of K'Tzuni, while on the western most border can be found the Brookshire barony of Greater Lakhesis. To the north-east can be found the Brookshire barony of Vorpmadal and to the direct north the Brookshire barony of Ynnraile. Beyond Shirekeep, to the north-west can be found the Duchy of Elwynn.

The Shireroth capital city of Shirekeep can be found in the North-Westerly most extreme of the barony.

Dolor Rail Network

The Dolor Rail Network was established in 3361ASC by order of the County of Monty Crisco in conjunction with the Barony of Dolor. The Lamifor SBRS rail system was founded shortly after and linked with the DRN and expanded. In 3362asc the two lines entered into a partnership and created the Benacia Rail Systems Ltd.