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About the company

Benacia Rail Systems Ltd. is a joint venture between Dolor Rail Network and the Lamifo Corporation. The company sought to expand into K'Tzuni and whilst extending the system further north, into Ynnraile and Vorpmadal. This ambitious programme brought about the company's overreach and ignominious collapse.

The rail network fell into a state of decay over the next 107 years, with mass redundancies, sales of assets and the holding of the wages of those who still had a job forever in arrears. Ultimately, without filing for bankruptcy, the company headquarters were abandoned, scheduled services ground to a halt, and irate creditors descended to seize whatever assets had not already disappeared along with the light-fingered railwaymen formerly of the company's employ.

By 1641 all that really remained was the name and the notion of a railroad, along with some neglected and overgrown tracks long divested of rusting rails and sleepers by Shireroth's omnipresent pilfering peasantry. This scant legacy was quietly placed under Imperial Administration by representatives of the Chamber of Guilds and Factorage. There the files, the plans and the charts await the next misguided visionary so deluded as to attempt to build infrastructure within the borders of the Imperial Republic.


Current railway system: