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Feudal Status: County
Motto: {{{motto}}}
Capital: Demonsfall
Largest Cities: Demonsfall

Local Leadership Title: Count
Local Government: Feudalist-Corporatocracy
Current leader: Kyle Kilynn

Local language: Shirithian English, Shirithian Welsh
Local Religion: Cedrism

Ynnraile is the western county of Goldshire and the creation of Yvain Wintersong. It features traditional Goldshire culture, with a Celtic/Arthurian theme and a fondness for puns.


In real history, Ynnraile was originally the northern part of the Duchy of Goldshire, and was never developed in any meaningful way before November 2007. According to some histories, Duke Zarathustra Erutirn had his Italian-themed County of Lombardia in the area with an elite fighting force called Florenets. However, the area's modern history begins with the ascension of Yvain Wintersong to the County of Syrelwynn. A few days later, he was promoted to Baron of Ynnraile.

In fictional history, Ynnraile was originally inhabited by a kingdom of peaceful farmers. After its invasion by a series of foreign invaders, it was unified first by the half-fey queen Moraquine and later by the part-fey noble Tristram Wintersong into a political entity. Tristram spent his life defending the area from Brookshire and other invaders; despite a very successful and heroic career, it eventually was annexed by Shireroth and became part of Goldshire. Originally ruled directly from Goldshire Hamlet, power was later devolved to the first Baroness, Gwynnlir Wintersong, whose capital was Wintersong Keep, later known as Syrelwynn. The capital was later moved to the large city of Avakair.

More complete information about Ynnraile history can be found in the following stories:

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Which can be read on one concise page at The Five Woes of Ynnraile.

More recently, after a dissolution and carving up of its territory between neighbours, Ynnraile has been reconstituted as a County within the Duchy of Goldshire, ceding its neglected northern half to local nomads (which became Suthergold) and moving its capital back to Syrelwynn. During the reign of Kaiser Sehml, a large number of Draconian migrants from Iserdia and Natopia settled in Ynnraile around Demonsfall upon then-Duke Ryker Everstone's invitation.


The name Ynnraile means "Mountain-fringe", and this is an accurate depiction of the region. Most of the center of the Barony is occupied by soeme of the highest hills in Goldshire, with the only well-settled areas being the banks of the river Elwynn to the south and the seacoasts to the north (one exception to this is the small Quinewinn Valley in Syrelwynn). In general, the banks of the Elwynn tend to have a culture very similar to that of southern Brookshire, Shirekeep, and the country in general, while the areas to the north of the mountains are more traditional and Goldshirean. The mountains themselves, which are populated by a few small farming villages, are extremely traditional, and there is a popular belief that in the deepest parts of the mountains live people who don't even know they are under Shirerithian rule, despite the area being conquered several millennia ago.

A few valleys in the mountains contain large cities; the Holwinn Valley contains the city of Demonsfall, historically important as the site of the last battle against the demon Rrakanychan. Other valleys extend northward into Suthergold. These valleys are also important as key links in a network of passes that allow a few roads to cross the mountains; travellers to Shirekeep, however, still find it easier to take a longer route that goes through the flatter area of Ransenar.


This area was once full of gold mines; these have largely been mined out, and all that remains of their bounty is the occasional minor deposit in the area's rivers. Although the mountains still provide a useful quarry for granite and marble, most economic activity is now in the form of farming. Popular crops include wheat, apples, and grapes (Ynnraile wine is said to be some of the best wine known). Many people also raise cows, sheep, or horses in the hillier areas, and Ynnraile is a center of horsemanship both useful and recreational.

A few of the coastal cities are shipbuilding centers, especially Syrelwynn and especially especially Avakair. These also serve as trade ports connecting mainland Benacia with its Northern and Eastern neighbours. Unfortunately, transportation barriers make it more efficient for most of Shireroth to ship goods out of Musica; however, Ynnraile gets some commerce from the rest of Goldshire and from Eliria and north Elwynn. Ynnraile is also a popular tourism destination for its forested hills, its famous wineries, and its horses, and some tourist cruises stop in Avakair.

The County is somewhat poor compared to other regions of Shireroth, but because of its rural setting and the low cost of living, few people actually live in poverty.