Barony of Vorpmadal

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Vorpmadal COA.png

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Feudal Status: Barony (out of use)
Capital: Historically Lune Villa; Sileni
Largest Cities: Historically Goldshire Hamlet, Erinamor

Local Leadership Title: Baron
Local Government: Feudal
Current leader: None

Local language: English
Local Religion: Cedrism

Vorpmadal is a Baronial title of Yardistan, currently out of use, with a colourful history.

Factual History

The first Baron of Vorpmadal was H4773r 3lfs0n, who ruled over the Lunatics of Lunaris. When a barony under the Duchy of Yardistan, benkern was created Baron of Vorpmadal by Duke Jacobus Loki with the blessing of His Imperial Niftiness Kaiser Mors V on November 26, 2007. The Counties under the Barony (Ran, Elsenar and Lunaris) were historically part of the Duchy of Brookshire, and so Vorpmadal was transferred to Brookshire. The Barony was then renamed the Barony of Neurak (later Khorze, now the Holly), and the rights to Vorpmadal were returned to Yardistan.

For a short period, the Barony consisted solely of Mar Sara and the Baliwick of Lac Glacei. However, under Duke Ryan, the Barony was disbanded and Mar Sara was absorbed into a new Barony of the Saran Isles in January 2010. The Baronial title remains in stasis currently.


The culture of Vorpmadal has been significantly affected by its successive Barons. 3lfs0n, the Mad Hatter, created the Order of the Vorpal Blade, a chivalric order for the elite of the Barony, friends from Shireroth and abroad and the protection of the Baron. It consists of three ranks: Elder Guard, Rook Sentry, and Deziple ov teh Odd. Benkern continued H4773r's legacy by styling himself 'Wearer of the H47 of Vorpmadal and Weilder of the Vorpal Blade, Lord of the Throne of Eternal H475', and went to the College of Arms on the Micronational News Network forum to get a blazoned Coat of Arms for the Barony. The blazon reads:

Party per Pale Gules and Or between on the dexter half two Mangos and on the sinister half a Sword all Countercharged an Inescutcheon Azure with a Saltire Gules fimbriated Or. From a Baron's Crown Proper on an Armet Proper mantled Gules countered Argent three Ostrich Feathers Gules, Or and Gules. For supporters on a grassy Field Proper dexter a Moose Or armed Gules, sinister a Stag Or armed Gules. Motto: "What's mine is mine, and what's yours is negotiable". Hanging from behind the Escutcheon the Collar of an Elder Guard of the Order of the Vorpal Blade Proper.

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