Barony of Khorze

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The Barony of Khorze was a baronial fief under the jurisdiction of the Duchy of Goldshire in existence between 3729 and 4624 ASC.

Factual History

Khorze, founded as Neurak was a Barony under the Duchy of Yardistan in the Imperial Republic of Shireroth. Benkern was created Baron of Neurak by Duke Jacobus Loki with the blessing of His Imperial Niftiness Kaiser Mors V on November 26, 2007. Neurak was later transferred to Brookshire and, since 3729 ASC, the barony forms a part of Goldshire under the name Khorze.

Persuant to The Reorganization Act of 4624 the Barony of Khorze was abolished. All territory owned by the former Barony of Khorze were transferred to the newly created Barony of Holly

Economy & Culture

Neurak had a thriving economy, mainly based on agriculture and related industries, and plenty of resources. Its main economic highlights included the mining of Gold, the breeding of horses, and general agriculture. The Elwynn River was the main trade route for the Barony, and goods were shipped to cities such as Shirekeep, Alexandretta, and Musica via the river. Lunaris was its main county. It was often described as being beautiful, in large part because of its pristine Mediterranean climate. Even the large cities such as Lune Villa were relatively clean. The employment rate of Neurak was at a low, but slowly rose, with many employees getting drunk every night since the Cult of Dionysus got a stronghold there in 3572 ASC.


Most of Neurak is flat, with northern Ran being the only place with any real elevation. There, a few small mountains dot the landscape. Forests cover the southern most parts of Elsenar and northern parts of Lunaris.To the West,Neurak is bordered by the Elwynn River,and in the East by the Shire Sea. The center and southern areas in Lunaris enjoy a Mediterranean climate, making it a favorite vacation spot for many prominent Shirithians.


The bulk of Khorze followed Anrela.


Khorze housed the navy of Goldshire.