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The Earldom of Elsenar is one of the three constituent earldoms in the Imperial Dominion under the Administration of the Iron Company.


Later Duke Wythe of Goldshire made the ports of Wendor and Zolt an academic centre, and alongside those activities the ports themselves provide testament to Elsenar's mercantile origins. The Golden Trio of Zolt, Wendor and Chryse on the Shire Sea, and the River Elwynn port of Tyrelwynn in neighbouring Ran provide an important trading hub between Northwestern Apollonia and the Benacian interior. Despite Musica's influence further south, Elsenar remains a preferred route of shipping for goods of a slow moving but valuable nature - and is host to a series of small shipping companies who provide exclusive and discreet services to noble customers who, for whatever reason, do not wish to trade by mainstream methods.

After the Peace of Fieldburg in 1669, Elsenar became one of the territories governed by the Iron Company.