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Feudal Status: County
Capital: Alexandretta
Largest Cities: None

Local Leadership Title: The Count
Local Government: Feudal
Current leader: None

Local language: English
Local Religion: Cedrism

Kralizec is a county of the Imperial State of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth which is known as the Kingdom of Lichbrook. It was for many years known as Alexandretta.


Originally created as a Barony under Brookshire, Alexandretta was founded by, at the time, Duke Erik Mortis and placed under the leadership of Rakesh Akabar. The reasons behind the name are that the barony was being named after the Hegemony of Alexandros, the city in the third Indiana Jones movie, the fact the name is "cool sounding" and finally after, at the time, Erik Mortis' significant other, Alexandra Decens. It is believed by many however that the last reason was the most significant one.

When Rakesh Akbar became duke of Brookshire, the throne of the barony passed to Alexandra Decens. After an attempt at a later date to overthrow the duke by Alexandra Decens, Alexandretta was demoted down to County status by the Kaiser, Raynor XI. However in not too long a time, Alexandretta got together with Naudia'Diva to reclaim its status as a barony.

After the retirement of Alexandra Decens, Alexandretta could not comply with citizenship requirements and was once more demoted to a county where it remains today.

In the days of the comital reign of the Countess Pandora, Alexandretta was Shireroth's official nudist colony.

Current Ruler: none
Former Rulers: Rakesh Akbar, Alexandra Decens, Pandora, Jadie Kelb, Naphtha Aristoxenos.


Alexandretta when it was a barony had only one county under it known as the county of Monty Crisco. The capital city is City of Alexandretta. Alexandretta can be located in the west north-west area of Brookshire along the coast and the south bank of the River Elwynn, within the Barony of Dolor.

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