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Lichbrook Flag.png

Lichbrook CoA.png

Feudal Status: former Imperial State
Capital: Lichkeep
Largest Cities: Citadel, Fortis, Dolorous, Crestfallen, Woodshire Village

Local Leadership Title: Queen of Lichbrook
Local Government: Necrarchy
Current leader: Mira Raynora the Elder, Mira Raynora the Younger, Lysssansa

Local language: English
Local Religion: Cedrism, Machine God Cult, Lich Cult

Lichbrook is an Imperial State in Benacia, corresponding to the former counties of Caverden, Woodshire and north-eastern Crestfall Downs. A relatively new Imperial State, Lichbrook was founded in 4725 ASC following the dissolution of the ancient Duchy of Brookshire.

The lands of Lichbrook are now split between a new Imperial Dominion of Brookshire and the new Imperial State of Malarboria

Etymology and terminology

The name Lichbrook has its origin in a colloquial term for that part of Brookshire forming the private demesne of the lich, Anthrazita von Rossheim-Maltenstein. Officially known as the Lichnina, the area subsequently evolved into the Principality of Lichshire.

The northernmost two-thirds of the State, roughly corresponding to the former counties of Caverden and Woodshire, is known as Overdolor (Upper Dolor).


The Kingdom of Lichbrook is an absolute monarchy with Their Niftinesses The Queens of Lichbrook as Sovereigns. Currently, the Realm is administered in their name by the Crown Council, established in the year 6365 ASC by Decree of the Nobles of the Realm sealed by the Kaiser. The Council operates on the principle of the round table with The Countess of Amarr representing the Undead and The Dirigent of Musica representing the Living.