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Progenitor: Nicholas I

Kaiser Letifer III, a royal name for Erik Mortis, was the Kaiser of Shireroth from 1528 until 1533. Kaiser Letifer III belonged to the Imperial Bloodline of Grifos.

During Erik's last Kaisership, the reign of Kaiser Letifer II, he faced ill will from some of his subjects for his inactivity. When this erupted into open revolt, he became angry and quit the nation. From the reign of his successor, Kaiser Alejian II to Kaiseress Hypatia I, Shireroth declined into a minor power and came close to complete death on several occasions. Erik, Shireroth's founder and traditional saviour in this sort of situation, finally realized he had to return and restore the country. The Shirerithian people, including many of his old opponents, proposed he take the Kaiserial crown, and this upswelling of support helped convince Kaiseress Hypatia to abdicate in his favor.

Letifer's first actions were to restore the website and wiki, which had fallen into disrepair over the past year. He also conducted a vote for Praetor, culminating in the election of Jonas of Kildare and the restoration of the Landsraad. He has also presided over the re-formation of several other important Shirerithian institutions, such as the Imperial Advisory Council and the Ministries.

Unlike several of Erik's previous reigns, Kaiser Letifer seems willing to consider serious changes to the nation's identity and core policies. For example, he proposed an elected Prime Minister position to balance the power of the Kaiser, although this was later rejected by both the population and the Kaiser himself.

Letifer III was later styled "the Unprepared", for the inactivity that eventually plagued his reign.

Imperial Decrees Made By This Kaiser:Imperial Decree 268,Imperial Decree 269
Preceded by:
Hypatia I
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by:
Mahamantot I