Kaiser Raynor XII

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Line of Grifos

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Kaiser Raynor XII

Progenitor: Nicholas I

Portrait of Raynor XII with the Sabre of Unity.

Kaiser Raynor XII (Raynor Jacobus Loki) was Kaiser of Shireroth 1629–1633. He was the first Raynor on the Golden Mango Throne since 1500, and the only one from the Line of Grifos. Ennobled his dragon Melisande. In the wake of Operation Tymarian Sun he was last reported to have been chained to his pet dragon who, in turn, was chained to a rock and sealed inside a partially flooded cavern on the island of Ura'Bos with the irradiated remains of his battleship. This was reputedly done on the secret orders of Kaiser Dominus who had despised Raynor from an early age.

Son of Jacobus Loki

Imperial Decrees

Imperial Decrees made by this Kaiser: Imperial Decree 764, Imperial Decree 765, Imperial Decree 766, Imperial Decree 767, Imperial Decree 768, Imperial Decree 769, Imperial Decree 770, Imperial Decree 771, Imperial Decree 772, Imperial Decree 773, Imperial Decree 774, Imperial Decree 775, Imperial Decree 776, Imperial Decree 777, Imperial Decree 778, Imperial Decree 779.

Preceded by:
Kaiseress Kizzy I
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by:
Kaiser Brrapa VII