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Feudal Status: Closed Military Zone
Capital: n/a
Largest Cities: n/a

Local Leadership Title: Military Governor
Local Government: Military
Current leader: military executive post rotates every 18 months

Local language: Common Tongue
Local Religion: Fervent

Ura'Bos is an island and Imperial Dominion of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth, which is situated in the Jasonian Sea. Rumours persist of an undeclared military-industrial complex installed deep underground within the confines of the island's interior.


In ancient times the Isle of Ura'Bos was an integral part of the quasi-mystical Flying Islands of Jasonia. The isle subsequently passed through a multitude of colonial masters before being acquired by Shireroth during the Kaiseral Reign of Raynor XII who decreed the island to be a wildlife refuge. In the year 1636 Kaiser Hjalmar granted the ESB-Jörmungandr Group permission to establish a trading station and colony on the southern coast of the island. The colony played a small but vital part in the Euran War of 1636 to 1637 by acting as a conduit for supplies from the ESB Group and sympathisers in the Royal Government of Goldshire to the Free Associative Kingdom of Constancia.

In early 1641 Ura'Bos was the place where Operation Tymarian Sun, a pair of nuclear weapons tests, was carried out by Shireroth. It has subsequently been declared unfit for human habitation, ironically preserving it as a wildlife sanctuary for generations to come.

Ura'Bos is a rare example of a territory that has been depopulated without reverting back to the lawlessness of the 'Green' - the customary and primordial anarchy beyond the frontiers of the civilised nations.


The Imperial Government's representative on the island is a Centurion on secondment from the Shirerithian Supplies Service. The representative's primary duty is to ensure the maintenance of the exclusion zone around the island and the supervision of the remediation work undertaken by the servitor (zombot) decontamination crews. Prior to these arrangements, the dragon Melisande was eccentrically appointed the countess of the island by Kaiser Raynor XII. That arrangement persisted until she was used as an aiming point and subjected to the effects of lethal gama radiation during Operation Tymarian Sun.


Aside from the Centurion, the only other permanent residents of the island are a four man research party employed by the ESB-Jörmungandr Group to monitor the long term effects of fallout on the island. Personnel deployed by the Imperial Forces and the ESB are normally posted to the island for tours of duty that are not meant to exceed 18 months. However, logistical problems and administrative errors may sometimes prolong postings longer than the residents may necessarily enjoy. So far there have been no serious problems reported concerning discipline and morale.

At one point in the 1630's as many as 500,000 travellers transited Ura'Bos, mostly at the height of its functioning as a logistical hub for supporting the Euran War, but also as a port of call for Shirerithian mariners on voyages towards Geneva and Walstadt on Cibola.