Shirerithian Supplies Service

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Shirerithian Supplies Service
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Active: 4961 ASC (Passage of the Martial Code) - Present
In use by: Imperial Forces
Allegiance: Shireroth

Type: Administration & Combat Support Services
Size: 1,387,725
Nickname: None yet

Imperial Commissioner: Vacant

The Shirerithian Supplies Service is an organisation within the Imperial Forces tasked with providing combat support services to the Imperial Navy of Shireroth and the Imperial Shirerithian Air Force. Unusually the MoMA also expects the civilian workforce to serve as a militia and reserve force.


The Shirerithian Supplies Service (SSS) was formerly managed by the MoMA Department of the Commissariat [MoMA DoC], based in the MoMA Main Building, Shirekeep. In 1643 those responsibilities were taken over by the Imperial Commissioner of Equipment and Support, Hanns Drumpf, who is responsible for maintaining the procurement, equipment support and infrastructure services for MoMA both in the field and in garrison depots. In 1645 it was announced that the directorates of Logistics and Labour would be amalgamated into a single Corps of Auxiliaries.

The SSS consists of the following Directorates:

Directorate Function Personnel
Directorate of Imperial Defence Administration Responsible for the provision of routine administrative services at all levels 56,860
Corps of Auxiliaries Providing Logistical Support to Imperial Forces, whenever and wherever required 1,134,000
Directorate of Research & Engineering Coordinating the development of high technology projects with select defence contractors and drafting defence requirements to ensure Imperial Forces gain and hold a qualitative edge over rival armed forces 84,600
Ordo Imperiale Decimae Applied Eschatology 59,540
Vigiles Arcani Traditionally based in the town of Demonsfall in Goldshire, is tasked with the Defence of the Realm from perceived threats eminating from beyond the material universe. This entails the monitoring and containing the forces and avatars of Balgurd as well as less typical anomalous phenomena sometimes encountered in the provincial counties or overseas. It's primary concern is with the prevention of the End-Times, or at the very least the allowance of some prior warning. 24,750
S.W.O.R.D. S.W.O.R.D. (Shireroth's Warriors for Observation, Retribution and Deterrence) is a military organisation active on all possible fronts and in all possible ways to secure the hegemony of the Imperial Republic ranging from counter intelligence and personal protection to warfare. 27,975

Imperial Commissioners

1635–1636: Thorgils Tarjeisson as Chief Secretary to the MoMA;
1636–1643: Thorgils Tarjeisson as Minister of Military Affairs;
1643–1661: Hanns Drumpf