Directorate of Research & Engineering

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Directorate of Research & Engineering
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Active: 1554 AN - Present
In use by: Shireroth
Allegiance: Shireroth

Type: R&D Department
Nickname: Skunkworks

Current Director: Ryker Everstone as of 1652


Project Reference Programme Corporate Partner Site of Works Notes
Project 1664-22
Aparat; n/a - solely controlled by Ordo Imperii Decima Design Bureau: Alloys Research Establishment, Novaya Sorensk
Preparation yards: Anun, Amokolia
Project 1662-001
Aurum; Continuity of Mind Auger in collaboration with the Kingdom of Goldshire Goldshire Hamlet, Goldshire Development phase.
Project 1659-001
Uriah; terraforming device n/a - Collaboration with Ordo Imperiale Decimae Grimbergen, Batavia Development phase.
Project 1657-001 Leviathan mobile command base Ryker Airships C.R.
Developed from RAS Projects Jaguar and Mountain. In limited production.
Project 1654-002 Radiant Sun high yield compact light emitter and heat sink system Ryker Airships C.R.
Completed and implemented in night ops and as mounted crowd control stun-gun.
Project 1654-001 Devil's Coachman autonomous armoured mobile demolition charge ESB-Jörmungandr Group Teldrin
Design phase - urgent operational requirement.
Project 1653-005
Special Project Nova
Off-World Continuity of Government The Tarjeisson Trust Cape Farewell Development Phase.
Project 1653-004 Behemoth overland-train ESB-Jörmungandr Group Teldrin/Ketshire/New Harbor
Materials transferred to Project 1657-001
Project 1653-003 Energy Storage Efficiency Programme Deep Energy Kezan Development phase.
Project 1653-002 Ashkenatzim Fusion Technology Investigation ESB-Jörmungandr Group Sansabury
Project 1653-001 Pocket Fission Reactor retrofit for Gravimetric Vehicles Ryker Airships Suthergold/Yardistan In testing phase.
Project 1651 Pinnace (Gravimetric Vehicle) Red Bear LLC / Pleroma Solutions Shirekeep Auxiliary tender to Gravrigs.
Project 1646-001 Cetorhinus SSGN Shireroth: Elwynn High-Tech Industries, ESB Group, Gaelen Technologies, Red Bear LLC
Natopia: Dingo Enterprises
Shirekeep Gravimetric submarine drive. Project concluded. Prototype disassembled.
Project 1645-001 GAV(R)-3 Pterosaur Gravimetric reconnaissance vehicle Red Bear LLC Mishalan Prototype and three production models transferred to Novaya Sorensk SDI facility by Ordo Imperiale Decimae.
Project 1643 GAV(AS)-1 Snaggletooth Gravimetric attack scout Red Bear LLC Mishalan Entered service.
Project 1642 Gravimetric Drive Vehicles Red Bear LLC Mishalan Bandersnatch family of vehicles.
Project 1641-003 Operation Methuselah Augur Industries Universalis Sub Sigillum. Placed under the Seal of the Office of the Steward.
Project 1641-002 Damocles Orbital Weapons Platform Shireroth: Elwynn High-Tech Industries, ESB Group, Gaelen Technologies, Red Bear LLC
Natopia: Dingo Enterprises
Amity, Nedria & Saint Andre Commenced as "Noon Orchid" Cargo Ship Project by Saint Andre Trading Company, ESB Group & House of Osman GmbH.
Project 1641-001 IMW-3 Snark mobile command platform Red Bear LLC Mishalan
Project 1640-002 Industrial Centrifuges ESB Group Novaya Sorensk For the Strategic Defence Initiative's Alloys Research Establishment
Project 1640-001 Counter-Biological Strike Upgrade Programme ESB Group Teldrin/Mishalan Rebuild of A-6 Pundarikam & A-10 Kambera
Project 1635-003 Poltroon Class Submarine ESB Group Teldrin/Amity Reverse-engineered. Intended to house unrealised biofuel propulsion system.
Project 1635-002 Banshee Cruise Missile ESB Group Teldrin Reverse-engineered.
Project 1635-001 Horjin Armoured Fighting Vehicle ESB Group Teldrin
Project Mortis Development of the Gravrig Various Various Sxiro-Babkhan reverse-engineering of Menelmacari gravship. Commenced 1532 AN with MoMA involvement after 1552.