Pinnace (Gravimetric Vehicle)

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A class of small atmospheric vehicles utilising gravimetric propulsion, developed from the Red Bear LLC gravtank, to provide service or support to Imperial Navy Gravships.

Developed into the Jackalope for the Imperial Army and the GAV(P)-5 Nereid for the Imperial Navy and the Palatini Corps, variants of the Pinnace are also used as transportation and liaison vehicles by the Shirekeep Garrison and by the Imperial Shirerithian Air Force as a personnel/cargo transfer vehicle for its fleet of airships.

A modified Pinnace operated by the Order of the Sentinels is used for the transportation of the Kaiser and other members of the Imperial Household to and from the Imperial Yacht as well as to destinations in and around Shirekeep. The Kaiser's transport, imaginatively nicknamed Mango One by the press, was adapted to incorporate space for 14 passengers alongside a bathroom with a standing shower, and a kitchenette.

A light-load pinnace, the Mule, is produced in Kezan for local use. It is operated by the Kezan Militia and Niata Air Services.