GAV(U)-4 Jackalope

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GAV(U)-4 Jackalope

Type: Utility
Place of origin: Shireroth

In service: 1652 AN
Used by: Imperial Forces

Designed: 1650-1 AN
Manufacturer: Red Bear LLC

Crew: 3
Maximum speed: 280 km/h
Service ceiling: 2,660 m
Rate of climb: 19 m/s
Range: 2,462 km
Weight: 16,137 kg

Cost: 100 Anunia Points

The GAV(U)-4 Jackalope is a medium-load pinnace built by Red Bear LLC in order to provide the Imperial Forces with a gravimetric utility vehicle capable of fulfilling a broad range of missions.


  • Gravimetric drive to provide lift
  • paired ducted fans on gimbals to provide thrust
  • cockpit seating for pilot and two additional
  • ventral hook for external cargo lifting
  • paired external hardpoints for anti-ship missiles, torpedoes, buoys, or additional fuel tanks
  • mounting points for GP machine guns at five locations
  • flush tie-down points along cabin and ramp

Mission Profiles

  • Troop/Cargo Transport:
    • 38 lightly-equipped troops in crashworthy seating, 4 cargo pallets, or equivalent.
    • optional crew-served GP and heavy machine guns mounted at side doors, through portholes, and/or at rear ramp
    • optional cargo release system for air drops
  • Maritime Operations:
    • Crew-served GP and heavy machine guns mounted through portholes
    • fore-cabin station seating two, configured for real-time sensor monitoring and advanced weapons control
  • Search and Rescue (SAR):
    • fore-cabin station seating one, configured supporting a 4-6 person medical team
    • 16-stretcher capacity
    • 50-person standing room capacity
  • Command and Control (C2):
    • fore-cabin station seating two, two mid-cabin stations seating one each, all reconfigurable according to mission requirements
    • cabin and head in rear
    • cargo racks in rear ramp compartment
  • VIP Transport:
    • 14 passengers in luxury seats
    • additional vibration- and sound-reduction
    • head in rear, with standing shower
    • galley kitchen
    • fore-cabin station seating one, reconfigurable according to need
    • cargo racks in rear ramp compartment