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City of Teldrin
Location: Lower Ynnraile, Goldshire
Type: City Corporation
Population: 945,826

Governor: Corporation of Teldrin
(Worshipful Municipal Corporation of Dunporters, Artisans, Artificers, Factors and Aldermen of the Ward of Teldrin, Guarantors of its Ancient Liberties)

Religion: Cedrism, Holodomatic Cedrozurvanism

Garrison: Goldshire Regulars, ESB-Jagdverbände

Places of Note: Fort Erutirn, ESB "Sanitorium", Bethlem Hotel, lunatic whorehouses
Date of Founding: Earliest settlements: ca. 3,000 bN
Modern city: ca. 1496

Teldrin is a city once part of Lunaris, now part of Ynnraile in Goldshire. Teldrin has become noted for four things, the shell scarred and time worn castle of Fort Erutirn with its garrison of state “regulars”, the quay and boatyards – a once mandatory stopping point for river trade between Shirekeep and Musica, the Mint with its jealously guarded liberty of striking its own currency, and lastly – the Sanatorium, the fortified residential cantonment for employees of the ESB-Jörmungandr Group.




Fort Erutirn is, as of 1663, home to the 2nd and 4th Divisions of the Goldshire Regulars, providing for a nominal force of 28,800 regulars, 2,400 Battlewagons (armoured trucks developed by Kern Industries, and 480 80mm field guns whilst also providing logistical and technical support to 1685 Regiment of the Ynnraile County Militia whose nominal strength depends on a fine balance of how riled up and or drunk the natives are on occasions when the roll-call muster is attempted.

The arrival of modern armaments developed by the reformed Assayers and the armaments division of Ryker Airships are keenly anticipated.


Teldrin Years 1653-1663 Gain Loss
Births: 28,221 -
Deaths: - 13,644
Immigration: 66,845 -
Emigration: - 51,278
Total: 95,066 64,922
Census Year Population
1653 915,682
1663 945,826