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The Teldrin Thaler is an unregulated, unofficial local currency in circulation in the city of Teldrin (Lunaris, Goldshire). Used prominently in the local river trade of Upper Lunaris and the East Elwynn region, subject to the noted, indeed visceral, disapproval of the Assayers.

In modern strikes it is a silver coin featuring the arms of the City of Teldrin and the logo of the ESB Group on the reverse.

Exchange Rate

As of 1636, the Thaler to Erb exchange rate in Teldrin, as insisted upon by the harbour authorities, was as 20 Erb to 1 Thaler. There were those who suggested that the ESB Group founded its prosperity in Teldrin by forcing customers, obliged to disembark onto its harbour side by the company's notorious "customs inspections", to exchange their Erb for overpriced Thalers and to accept Thalers as payment when ESB agents bought up in bulk the cargo offloaded by the Municipal Corporation's customs officers.

With the withdrawal of Shireroth from the SCUE fixed exchange rate, the Erb became a free floating currency and depreciated considerably as a consequence of the Struggle for the South, the Auspicious Occasion, and the perennial Sxiro-Jingdaoese Confrontation.

By 1663 the exchange rate had become 1 Teldrin Thaler to 281 Shireroth Imperial Erb and 843 Constancian Staters.

The Thaler, by virtue of its association with the ESB Group has become a de facto trading currency in Constancia and Raspur.

Purchasing Power

The Teldrin Thaler is fixed to the purchasing power of Sterling in 1900 for ease of calculation[1].