Sxiro-Jingdaoese Confrontation

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Sxiro-Jingdaoese Confrontation
Date: 1617–AN (Elw Calendar)
Place: Apollonia, Benacia, Eura, Cibola
Casus belli: Jingdaoese occupation of Kildare
Outcome: Cold War:
Treaty between the Allied Forces and the Feudal Faction[1]
Obedience Destruction
Landsraad[2] & Imperial Assembly[3] Bombings
'Non-Attention' Policy
Euran War
Shirerithian Rearmament
Operation Mockingbird
Operation Tymarian Sun
Sheng Doctrine
Imperial Republic of Shireroth Apollonian Republic of Shireroth East(Formerly)
Confederation of Hau'oli 'Ena(Formerly)
  • Walstadt
  • Blackrock Pact Nations
Kaiser Sehml
Kaiser Redquill
Kaiser Ayreon III
Kaiser Verion I
Various lesser Kaisers
Kaiser Hjalmar
Kaiser Hjalmar Redquill
Haigui Emperor
Dashi Emperor†
Zettai Emperor
Kattei Emperor†
  • Marshal Xi

Danya Emperor†
Sheng Emperor

  • Imperial Envoy #12491

The Sxiro-Jingdaoese Confrontation is a period of protracted strategic tension between the Imperial Republic of Shireroth and the Jingdaoese Empire concerning the fate of the former Duchy of Kildare which broke away from the Imperial Republic as the Apollonian Republic of Shireroth East (A.R.S.E.) before being subsumed into Jingdao. Although the original Shirerithian position was one of meek acquiescence during the reign of Kaiser Redquill, marking a low point of appeasement in Shirerithian history unparalleled since the reign of Kaiser Mog in antiquity, the subsequent annexation and reconfiguration of the A.R.S.E. by Jingdao, and that Empire's subsequent, widely perceived, expansionist and hypernationalist tendencies rekindled in a Shirerithian nationalism and a desire to curb the growth of Jingdaoese power and, if the opportunity presents itself, to restore Kildare to its ancient standing as an integral Imperial State of Shireroth.

Following a deterioration of relations in the wake of the Hammish Civil War, culminating in a Jingdaoese psyops provocation[4][5] and a retaliatory Shirerithian cyber attack[6], reciprocal declarations of war were made in the year 6448 ASC.[7][8]

Shirithian propaganda leaflet spread across Apollonia to demoralise the Jingdaoese citizenry