GAV(AS)-1 Snaggletooth

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GAV(AS)-1 Snaggletooth

GAV-1 Snaggletooth.png
Type: Attack Scout
Place of origin: Shireroth

In service: 1644 AN
Used by: Imperial Forces

Designed: 1643 AN
Manufacturer: Red Bear LLC

Crew: 2
Maximum speed: 718 km/h
Service ceiling: 3,720 m
Rate of climb: 25.6 m/s
Range: 1,587 km
Weight: 7,938 kg

Main Armament: 75mm cannon
Secondary Armament: 2x Ubiquitous Archer Guided Missile
Rate of fire: 90 rpm
Effective range: 1,800 m direct fire
Maximum range: 7,678 m indirect HE shell

Cost: 100 Anunia Points