GAV(R)-3 Pterosaur

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GAV(R)-3 Pterosaur

GAV-3 Pterosaur.png

Type: Reconnaissance
Place of origin: Shireroth

In service: 1646 AN (As Prototype)
Used by: Imperial Forces

Designed: 1645 AN
Manufacturer: Red Bear LLC

Crew: 1
Maximum speed: 933 km/h
Service ceiling: 21,336 m
Rate of climb: 17 m/s
Range: 5,440 km
Weight: 20,865 kg
Length: 22.872 metres
Wingspan: 20.675 metres

Main Armament: n/a
Rate of fire: n/a
Effective range: n/a
Maximum range: n/a

Cost: 0 Anunia Points
5.2 billion Erb

(4.8B Erb for technology transfers from ESB Group & Natopian Defense Force
94.6M Erb for design and development
185M Erb for production facilities
121.8M Erb for prototype production.)

The GAV(R)-3 Pterosaur began as an urgent requirement for the Imperial Shirerithian Air Forces for a long-range, high altitude, reconnaissance air platform when it became apparent that the only aircraft in the ISAF inventory capable of undertaking long-range photo-reconnaissance missions was the slow, loud and lumbering ESB Spiegelflügel-Taube.

The Pterosaur, designed and manufactured by the Red Bear LLC was to combine the gravimetric engine seamlessly into an airframe that was developed using technology salvaged from an abandoned programme to reverse engineer the F-35 stealth fighter.