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Progenitor: Nicholas I

Kaiser Yardistanislaus I, born Vilhelm Yardistanislaus Benkern (lived 1499–1603), and affectionately known as Kaiser Stan reigned as Kaiser from 1591 until his abdication in favour of 1593 (with Nithi Kirenion as Steward), promising to redeem himself after a period of negligent governance by helping to cull the dreamweaver population in Firneramnen. Count of Mar Sara for 93 years from the age of 7 until his death at the age of 104.

An obscure member of the Benkern family, he was a friend of Kaiser Wythe I, who named him his heir. In Stan's coronation speech he promised to revitalise Shireroth's foreign affairs policy, implement the Constitutional Committee's report as completed under the reign of Wythe I, and lead the national

Yardistanislaus I, in his usual mood

debate on the economy. The second aim was not pursued. However, he did deal with the MiniTrade and tax issues and he required only a puppet MiniEx. He preferred to negotiate with foreign powers himself; he was Shireroth's representative to the Micras Trade Organisation during his reign. He was heavily involved in the negotiation of the International Convention on the Laws of the Sea and in mediating between Jingdao-South Batavia and Stormark during a dispute over Cibola's Inner Sea. Another feature of Stan's foreign policy agenda was a state of relative neutrality and mutual respect between Shireroth and the Elwynnese Union, as demonstrated by a series of letters exchanged between him and the Elwynnese elected Prince.

Stan placed a good deal of focus on majesty and a certain degree of pomp, which was manifest in state visits to Sanilla (resulting in the nibbing in the bud of a brewing economic dispute between the Free State and mother Shireroth, sadly that could not maintain strained relations after Stan's passing) and Safiria. It was also seen in his Coronation, which took the form of a collaborative writing effort by many citizens, and the awards he bestowed on many citizens as part of his Coronation celebrations.

Imperial Decrees

Imperial Decrees made by this Kaiser: Imperial Decree 567, Imperial Decree 568, Imperial Decree 569, Imperial Decree 570, Imperial Decree 571, Imperial Decree 572, Imperial Decree 573.

Preceded by:
Wythe I
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by:
Ometeotl II