Steward Nikkolo I

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Progenitor: Nicholas I

Steward Nikkolo I, better known as Gryphon Avocatio served as steward during one of the lowest periods of activity in middle-modern Shirerothian history. He has been credited with singlehandedly pumping life back into the nation through various decrees, namely those calling all citizens back to the nation to reclaim jobs and citizenship. The deadline which he set became Oustfest, the day on which all old citizens who hadn't been seen in years lost their citizenship and in which people who didn't claim their jobs lost them. This did meet with some criticism, of course, but it seemed to get the nation through a month of 5 posts a day.

Imperial Decrees Made By This Steward: Imperial Decree 44 Imperial Decree 45 Imperial Decree 46

Preceded by:
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by:
Raynor X