Imperial Decree 44

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Imperial Decree 44

Issued by Steward Nikkolo I

Although the original is lost, the historian says:

"....And his Imperial Decree 44 kicked out all citizens with more than three different micronational citizenships, getting rid of freeloaders who were in Shireroth only to add to an obscenely long list of titles and positions."

Nikkolo emailed all known members of Shireroth at the time calling them home to declare their citizenships. The text of that email read as follows:

To Retain Citizenship:

Imperial Decree #44 proclaims that all Citizens of Shireroth are limited to having three citizenships, including the Republic of Shireroth. To retain citizenship in Shireroth:

  1. Go to the Shirerothian EzBoard @ Replying to this e-mail will not work.
  2. Enter the Ministry of Immigration and Naturalization
  3. In the appropriate thread, declare that you are a Citizen of Shireroth, and declare all off your citizenships, even those above and beyond the limit. Indicate which you will choose to keep.
  4. Citizens who do not comply with this decree or who opt not to keep their citizenship will lose citizenship, effective 14 January 2003.