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The Yardistani Militia Ship Kaiser Mors V was obtained under long-term lease from DSSI by the Duke of Yardistan in late 2007.

It is alleged to be an "Iowa"-class battleship, but its provenence indicates that it is probably a clone / compatible.

Cyberian Service

The first existant record shows the ship as the CSS Barry Goldwater in service with the VCC Navy from 1998. It was used in various actions, mostly of a "show the flag" nature. The ship was dispatched to escort troop-carriers in an attempt to crush the Third War for Cyberian Liberation. Rumors that it would be used to bombard the city of Port Davies in Menet lead to a muntiny by the largely Mala'anje crew, who promptly re-cristened it as the Jacobus Imperator in honor of their traditional leader. It served under that name in the Federal Cyberian Navy until declared surplus in 2006, when it was acquired by DSSI in a clouded transaction.

Shirirthain Service

In Shirithian service, it served in the 2007 rebellion, supporting the forces of the Kaiser it was named for. The Duke of Yardistan used it a his flagship during the Cognito expedition and picnic in early 2008.

The ship provided the spearhead of Shireroth's response to Bosworthian aggression in the War of Jeremy's Nose, shelling cities, military installations, and destroying stategic material.

300px- Iowa compatable.jpg Preparing Fired Fish