Sabre of Unity

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The Sabre of Unity is an ornamental sabre presented to Kaiser Mo'll I by Prince Zaila Vrteti of Aryasht in 5329 ASC, during the Kaiser's tour of that State. It is inscribed with passages from The Price of War, a poem written by a battle-scarred refugee girl from the chaotic ruins of Arahova, Antica. The poem is a cautionary reminder of the perils of casual aggression, and of those who suffer most from it.

Kaiser Mo'll received the Sabre at a time of great uncertainty in Shireroth, when the Lich Charter of Kaiseress Mira Raynora Major - and the model of autonomous Imperial States that it ushered - was being widely questioned after the tense reunification of Elwynn, the Cabbage Crisis, foreign interference with Kildare, the irascibility of Kaiser Trantor IV and other seemingly endless crises. As the Sword of Vengeance was missing in Balgurd, Kaiser Mo'll retained the Sabre of Unity as the talisman of his rule - which sought to end the era of rolling tension and provocation, unite the Shirerithian peoples and allow the Lich Charter to properly bed down.

Despite a more mortal origin than the Cedrist Swords of Chaos, Death, Fire, Life, Light, Madness, Wisdom and Vengeance, the Sabre of Unity remains an important artifact of Shirerithian state. It is kept by the Landsraad as a symbol of that institution's role as Shireroth's united voice. If the Landsraad is tasked with the election of a Kaiser, the elected Kaiser takes possession of the Sabre for the duration of zir reign as a reminder that zie represents the Landsraad's will. During the reigns of unelected Kaisers, the Sabre is returned to the Landsraad.

The Sabre itself is made from pure silver from Hawshire and pure gold from Goldshire, with a sapphire pommel from Mirioth. These fragile components ensure that the Sabre cannot actually be used in physical combat.