Yumi Zotrasdóttir

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Yumi Zotrasdóttir, Jarla of Gudridsbýur was a Froyalanish noblewoman and politician of Storish ancestry. Before her expulsion in 1651 she belonged to the House of Kviteseid and was also an Archsister of the Daughters of Freyja and the Daughters of Elwynn. Steward of the Imperial Republic, 1639–1642. Scribe of Raynor's Keep and head of the Imperial Household Agency during the reign of Kaiser Hjalmar.

Disguised unconvincingly as a blue-skinned extraterrestrial, Yumi was sent by King Noah to provoke and annoy those of his underlings he wished to expel, by cavorting and demanding that her pretence at being an alien sentient life-form be indulged. Any provincial governor who cast doubts or aspersions upon her origin stories or who withheld any measure of service on account of her being nonhuman would quickly find themselves on the receiving end of the King's rigged judicial system and punitive laws, as the House of Verion found to its cost.

Preceded by:
Altea Lomax
Steward of the Imperial Republic
Succeeded by:
Hallbjörn Haraldsson