House of Verion

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House of Verion

Kaisers: Verion I, Dominus, Verion II
Steward: Jacob Darylion-Verion
Princess of Elwynn:Eki Verion
Lord of Blackstone: Ludovic
Rulers of Illumination and Cimmeria: Jack, Jacob, Alix, Eki
Progenitor: Elu Verion
Head: Ludovic Alixion-Verion

Line: Verion
Progenitor: Elu Verion
Established: 5719


The House of Verion is a noble and Imperial house from Northern Elwynn. It originated in the early 15th century in southern Illumination, shortly before the establishment of the Duchy of Elwynn. The House of Verion is in origin Elfinshi but has merged with other ethnic groups over the years, most notably Cimmerian, Norse and Elw. The early members of the House have served as rulers of the Elfinshi people west of the Phoenix Forest, so it should not be surprising that members of the house have held some positions of importance in both Elwynn and Shireroth.

The House of Verion intermarried with members of esteemed houses of Elwynn: several relatives of the ruling class of Elwynn, such as the Ayreon family, and a member of the Lyon's; powerful foreigners such as Balian Mounford and most notably, the Norse line of Lewis, thereby making the current head of the family, Ludovic Alixion-Verion, a descendant of the royal Einhornsson family of Normark.

Position in Shireroth

The House of Verion rose to national prominence after the appointment of Jacob Darylion-Verion as steward of the Imperial Republic. Jacob was a good friend and confidant of Kaiser Ayreon III, which enabled the Verion family to establish useful alliances and marriages. Jacob subsequently served as Kaiser Verion I and the Verion family became the Imperial house. Members of the Verion family have since held various important positions other than steward and Kaiser, such as Minister of Military Affairs, Count of Illumination and Cimmeria, Count of Crowsilver, Count of Yardistan, Chancellor of Goldshire and Keeper of Fieldburg. Until the second half of Kaiser Hjalmar's reign, a member of the family has always sat on the Imperial Advisory Council.


After the dead of Kaiser Verion, his son, the Count of Cimmeria, Alex Verion became openly critical of the rule of King Harald of Elwynn. When he was installed as Kaiser Hjalmar, the differences became even clearer. In the later part of Hjalmar's reign, Alix moved from the city of Wolfraven to the Natopian demesne of Alrodey, where the Verion family held the position of Lord Regent. Hjalmar's son, Hjalmar Redquill, used this to exile the Verion from Shireroth, barring entry to Alix' son, Ludovic Verion. Subsequently, the Verion's moved to the Lordship of Blackstone.

Return to Power

Minister of Military Affairs, Thorgils Tarjeisson, a member of the House of Verion through his mother, ascended to the Mango Throne as Kaiser Dominus.

Family Feud


Line of Verion in 1640 AN

*Chose to style themselves Verion instead of 'Grey' after their father left the family, dishonouring his name.

Notable Verions

  • Elu Verion, founder of the dynasty and Elfinshi leader
  • Daniel Mikelion-Verion, general in the Imperial Army
  • Jacob Darylion-Verion, Steward of Shireroth, Minister of Military Affairs and Kaiser of Shireroth
  • Alexander Zyrion, Elwynnese intelligence officer
  • Thorgils Tarjeisson, Minister of Military Affairs and Kaiser of Shireroth
  • Waldemar Tarjeisson, Treasurer to the Blackstone Government-in-exile, employee of the Iron Company, ambassador to Kasterburg
  • Ivan Verion, Yardistani politician
  • Alix Verion, Count of Illumination and Cimmeria
  • Michael Verion, Director of S.W.O.R.D. and high officer in the Imperial Army
  • Layla Verion, Countess of Crowsilver and Minister of Military Affairs
  • Ludovic Verion, Lord of Blackstone and Grand-Governor of the Iron Company