Altea Lomax

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Altea Lomax
Full Name: The Right Honourable The Lady Altea Lomax, Marchioness of Musica
Alias Alti

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Physical Description
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Race: Roduna • Yardistani
Hair Color and Style: Very long straight silver hair
Eye Color: Red
Skin Color: White

Biographical Information
Father: Markka Kolagin
Mother: Ifalna Lomax
Date of Birth: Laemill 8, 1607
Place of Birth: Tarkyr, Zy-Rodun
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
Current Residence(s): MaltensteinZy-Rodun Town
Nationality at Birth: Shirerithian
Current Allegiance(s): BrookshireZy-Rodun
Occupation: Vicereine of Brookshire

Altea Lomax, Lady Tarkyr (born 1607) is a former Shirithian senior civil servant who has been Seneschal of Zy-Rodun (1636–1646, 1651–1662) and Provost of the Posts since 1657. She has previously served as Imperial Steward, Chamberlain of the Imperial Household, Minister of the Interior, Imperial Envoy to Talenore, and Vicereine of Brookshire.

Early life and education

Altea Lomax was born on Laemill 8, 1607, in Tarkyr, Zy-Rodun, to Markka Kolagin, then the mayor of the neighboring town of Zunach, and Ifalna, then a chemistry teacher at Atarka School in Tarkyr. She was educated at Atarka School, graduating at the head of her class, before writing a BA, then an MA, in public administration at the University of Yardistan at Sara-Nyl in 1631, with a minor in Euran languages.


Lomax was hired out of college as a translator for the Yardistani state government, before being appointed Seneschal of Zy-Rodun by Marchioness Noor bint Daniyal in 1636. She spent ten years administrating her homeland before being supplanted by Noah Hallbjörnsson, then king of Elwynn. She returned to the Yardistani state government, only to be thrust into the corridors of Imperial power a year later with the news that she had been made Imperial Steward by the now-Kaiseress Noor. This job she held for only a few months before an Imperial reshuffle that saw her appointed to the post of Chamberlain of the Imperial Household. In 1648, she was appointed Minister of the Interior and Imperial Envoy to Talenore. After two years of back-and-forth travel, and a desire to remain in Shireroth with her family, she was tasked in 1650 with the operation of the remnants of the state of Lichbrook after its undead government's literal and metaphorical disintegration. Some months later, those remnants were reorganized into the Imperial Duchy of Brookshire, with Lomax as vicereine.

On 10 Silnuai 1660, Lomax was placed into an induced coma after suffering grave injuries in an automobile accident on the Corniche Highway in Musica. She awoke in late 1661 and was subsequently discharged, albeit with diminished physical function.

In 1661, Lomax was ennobled as Marchioness of Musica, of the City of Musica in the Imperial Duchy of Brookshire.

In 1663, she helped organize the Safirian Exodus, and renounced her citizenship. Lost her title Marchioness of Musica, but was created Baroness Tarkyr by the Kaiser in line with noble titles for formerly landed noble citizens of Shireroth.

Personal life

Before her emigration in 1663, Lomax divided her time between a four-bedroom brick house in Zy-Rodun Town and a brownstone in Maltenstein. Her husband, Rhêni Chakam, an elf, was the mayor of the neighboring town of Vyryn; they married in 1640 on Yardistan.

As of 1662, Lomax's net worth is estimated to be between 85 million and €89 million.

Lomax originally professed the Thanidoran faith, but became an atheist in college.


Lomax came out as bisexual during her junior year at UY—Sara-Nyl, after romaning both men and women in her first two years at the school. Shortly after coming out, Lomax began dating Selti Okanet, a nagin classmate and later police chief of Zy-Farun; though Lomax proposed to her in 1631, they broke up four years later. Shortly thereafter, she met and romanced Chakam, and in 1642 bore him a daughter, Âmi.

Preceded by:
Mira Raynora Minor
Steward of the Imperial Republic
Succeeded by:
Yumi Zotrasdóttir
Preceded by:
Daniyal Dravot
Steward of the Imperial Republic
Succeeded by:
Isabella Simrani-Kalirion
Preceded by:
Zakyyr Moonoak
Chamberlain of the Imperial Household
Succeeded by:
Hallbjörn Haraldsson