Kaiser Gaelen III

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Line of Ly'Technomaezj

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Progenitor: Paul I

Kaiser Gaelen III was the 98th Kaiser of Shireroth.

When Gralus disappeared in a mysterious but distressingly temporary manner it was Kaiser Gaelen III who proposed as a solution the singular stratagem of invading Hell/Balgurd in order to reach the sundered realm. The effectiveness and or sanity of this plan has not yet, as of 3727 ASC, been properly tested.

Imperial Decrees

Imperial Decrees made by this Kaiser: Imperial Decree 393 and Imperial Decree 398.

Steward Decrees made under this Kaiser: Imperial Decree 391, Imperial Decree 392, Imperial Decree 394, Imperial Decree 395, Imperial Decree 396 and Imperial Decree 397.

Preceded by:
Anandja I
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by:
Kaiser Aurangzeb