Line of Ly'Technomaezj

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Line of Ly'Technomaezj

Paul I - Paul II - Trantor I
Paul III - Leto I - Paul IV
Paul V - Leto II - Trantor II
Gaelen II - Ari 0 - Ari i
Gaelen III - Malarbor I

Progenitor: Paul I

Line: Ly'Technomaezj
Progenitor: Paul I
Established: b2176

Bio: The Line of Ly'Technomaezj is a branch of the Line of Raynor, and was established when a Technomage married into the Imperial Family. The resulting Imperial Bloodline has contributed many of the Kaisers of Shireroth, spanning form the First to the Third Era. This line merged with the Metzler bloodline to form the Ly'Technomaezj-Metzler Line. Leto I is best known for establishing the Landsraad in the time of his reign as Kaiser.