List of Kaisers

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The following is a list of Kaisers of Shireroth in chronologial order, from the legendary beginnings of Shireroth until the present; the calendar used is the ASC reckoning. Where known, each Kaiser has listed after zir in parentheses the Imperial Bloodline to which they belonged. Kaiseresses are denoted with italics, ruling Stewards with bold and small text. Periods in which the Landsraad ruled the Imperial Republic directly are marked as "Landsraad".

Many of the Kaisers in this list are fictional; Shireroth's true founding was in 262 ASC (the beginning of the Third Era). The institution of the Kaisership occurred later, in approximately 501, with Erik Mortis becoming Kaiser Metzler I. The first historically accurate ascension date is believed to be that of Gaelen II in 919, and all dates after that are taken to be authentic.

First Era

Second Era

Third Era

Fourth Era

Fifth Era

Sixth Era