Line of van der Sluijs

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The Line of van der Sluijs was established by the Toketi-born noble Oroigawa Koreyasu upon receiving land in Absentia. Absentia was Batavian-speaking at the time, and "van der Sluijs" (of the Sluice) appeared to him and the Absentian court be a suitable paraphrase of his native name Oroigawa (疎癒川, "loose-healing river").

Line of van der Sluijs
Vandersluijs standard.png

Reynardine I - Fish XII
Magni I - Reynardine II

Progenitor: Reynardine I

Line: van der Sluijs
Progenitor: Corey I
Established: 3322

Bio: The Line of van der Sluijs is an offshoot of the Line of Grifos. Its roots are found in former Lac Glacei, or what once was the Kingdom of Toketi.