Kaiser Matthew I

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Line of Everstone
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Kaiser: Kaiser Matthew I

Progenitor: Kaiser Matthew I

Kaiser Matthew I is largely a mystery to historians due to scant records being available regarding him. For very long he was thought to be of no known Imperial Bloodline, but it was established by the Scribe of Raynor's Keep after having delved through various ancient records, which had been long forgotten and were wasting away in some obsure Imperial archive, that he was the founder of the little-known Line of Everstone. He reigned for a very short time.

He was a victorious war lord descended from Raynor I who managed to take Shirekeep, and in consequence thereof the Golden Mango Throne, in a time of anarchy caused by bitter internecine quarrels. His successors seem to have gone at great lenghts to erase him from the historical record.

Preceded by:
Paul IV
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by:
Edwin I