Kaiser Nicholas III

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Line of Grifos

Nicholas I - Loki I - Nicholas II
Nicholas III - Ikol I
Steward Stjepan I - Letifer I
Steward Nikkolo I - Wylþeow I
Letifer II - Alejian I
Letifer III - Loki II - Loki III
Erasmas I - Anandja I
Loki IV - Yardistanislaus I
Kaiser Raynor XII

Progenitor: Nicholas I

A glutton, rapist and reputed pederast. The death of Kaiser Nicholas, in a hall-burning instigated by his successor, was little mourned. The Line of Grifos would not recover from this ignominious ending until the Third Era.

Preceded by:
Kaiser Iago II
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by:
Kaiser Raynor VIII