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Kaiseress Jadie, born Jadie Doran in Geovenus, Delvenus, in 1457, and known before her marriage to Kaiser Meskan I as Jadie the Mathematician, was Kaiseress of Shireroth from 1483, as consort through her marriage to Kaiser Meskan I, reigning in her own right from 1484, until 1486. Duchess of Goldshire, 1477–1497. Also, Prætor, 1482–1484. Known as Jadie Kelb 1563–1569.

Prominent prodigy in mathematics, achieving a doctorate in behavioural mathematics at the age of 17. Assigned to the university of Caras Menelmacar in 1497 to teach and research. Acquired Menelmacari citizenship the same year, rose to political prominence there. One of the so-called Six Patriots who toppled the government of Elenaran Archetype23. Instrumental in ensuring Shirerithian support of the coup and the so-called "Sirimacar" against "Archemacar".

In Shireroth, known for her role in the Battle of Cimmeria, and was given the Ducal Throne of Goldshire by Kaiser Raynor X as reward for her role in winning that battle. As duchess, she first married Harvey Meskan, whom she divorced after she had assumed the kaisership afterher. Thereafter, as kaiseress, she married Erik Mortis III in 1485 (dissolved c. 1487) and finally Zarathustra Erutirn in 1493. Briefly ruling steward after the abdication of Kaiser Wylþeow in 1493. Her inability to handle the succession crisis plunged the Imperial Republic in a civil war. The final marriage was considered dissolved after Zarathustra's disappearance (and assumed death) in 1503. After retiring from active political life in 1497, the ducal throne became held by her husband. She resurfaced occassionally from her retirement for social functions.

Emerged from her retirement in 1563, became Countess of Kralizec, a title she held until her death.

Died 1569 in Kralizec. Rumoured to have had a child with Rakesh Ackbar.

Line of Doran

Jadie I - Carol I - Hypatia I

Progenitor: Jadie I

Imperial Decrees Made By This Kaiser: Imperial Decree 67, Imperial Decree 68, Imperial Decree 69, Imperial Decree 70, Imperial Decree 71, Imperial Decree 72, Imperial Decree 73, Imperial Decree 74, Imperial Decree 75

Preceded by:
Meskan I
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by:
Mors III
Preceded by:
Position recreated
Duchess of Goldshire
Succeeded by:
Zarathustra Erutirn
Preceded by:
Succeeded by:
Hypatia Agnesi

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