Line of Machiavelli

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Line of Machiavelli

Edward I - Edwin I - Edwin II
Edward II

Progenitor: Edward I

Line: Machiavelli
Progenitor: Edwin I
Established: 515 AN
Edwin I (515–589)
Edward I (860–927)
Edwin II (972–1047)
Edward II (1154–1154)
Bio: The Line of Machiavelli was established when the King of Machiavellia, a neighbour and ally of Shireroth, married into the Line of Raynor and installed himself in Shirekeep thus earning acclamation as Kaiser. After an occupation lasting seventy-four years, the Machiavels were expelled. In spite of this reversal, the bloodline persisted and descendants reclaimed Shirekeep on three separate occasions. After Edward II no heir to this Bloodline existed and it ceased.