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Ministry, under the Charter of the Imperial Republic is an organisation under the authority of a Minister, reporting to the Steward, with responsibility for duties pertaining to specified aspects of the Imperial Government. Ministers are appointed by the Kaiser on the Steward's recommendation. Ministers will also usually have a seat upon the Imperial Advisory Council, which serves as a de-facto cabinet responsible for determining government policy at a strategic level. Shireroth has had many Ministries over the ages.

Current Ministries

Three official Ministries currently exist, as per the latest reforms of the Imperial Government by Kaiser Verion I, albeit with the steady accretion of subordinate agencies, particularly during the neofeudal period beginning under the Kaiser Dominus and gathering pace under his Kalirion successors Noor and Ayreon IV.

  1. Ministry of the Exterior: Royal Iron Company (in commission)
  2. Ministry of the Interior: Anzarolexion (in commission)
  3. Ministry of Military Affairs: ESB-Jörmungandr Group (in commission)
  4. Imperial Household Agency: Pleroma Solutions (in commission)

Former Ministries

  1. Ministry of State
  2. Ministry of Information
  3. Ministry of Research and Education
  4. Ministry of Immmigration and Naturalization (originated as Ministry of Immigration and the Ministry of Naturalization)
  5. Ministry of Trade (part of the Ministry of the Interior as the Office of Bounties and Factorage)

See also: Steward, Kaiser

Ministries of the Imperial Republic

Ministry of the Interior SealMiniInt.png - Ministry of Military Affairs Logo military of shireroth.png- Ministry of the Exterior Seal miniex.png
Office of Information Office of Information.png - Office of Bounties and Factorage OCSLCF.png - Imperial Forces Imperial Forces.png