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The Ministry of Research or Education, abbreviated MORE, is only recently coming back from a near-paralysis caused by its ill-defined role. The Ministry was founded with the vision of leading both a research program to gain new technology and a university that would allow Shirerithians to share their knowledge with one another. Neither of these roles were able to successfully develop. There was always some confusion as to what sort of technology the Ministry should be seeking, with the Ministry of Military Affairs and SHINE being more likely to develop military-grade code, and the [[Ministry of Information]] and Ministry of the Interior more likely to develop technologies useful on the website and forum. Because of a lack of inter-Ministry communication, there were neither channels for the MoRE to know what other Shirerithians needed nor a way for it to convince Shirerithians with the appropriate technological expertise to work for it. As for the University, despite a number of different systems, there were few teachers willing to work consistently, and when they did, often either no one would attend the class or there would be no way for the teachers to know whether anyone was attending the class. Among the highlights of the Ministry's history were Shireroth's rocket program, in which the Ministry launched a few model rockets into the atmosphere, briefly giving Shireroth space fever before the whole situation was forgotten completely. Somewhat successful classes taught at the University included Eoin Dornan's Irish lesson, [[Erik Metzler]]'s introduction to old Shirerithian documents like [[the Bill of Rights]], and James Raine's poetry class, mostly notable for its conspicuous disruption by Philip Locke. When Kaiser Los III took office, one of his promises was to provide the Ministry with a new purpose; the result was the ShireWiki. Although it has yet to be officially announced, it is popularity believed that the Kaiser intends to give the Ministry control of the Wiki, charging it with updating it, deleting offensive articles, and better organizing its categories and navigation system. However, most of the people most connected with the Wiki, including Osmose and James Raine are already Ministers or hold another high position, so for the moment the Kaiser has appointed no Minister, preferring to control the Ministry directly until a worthy and unattached candidate arrives. Among past Ministers of Research and Education were Gryphon Avocatio and Ari Rahikkala.


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