Thirteen Temples of Eluin

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The Thirteen Temples of Eluin were thirteen Vanic temples formerly situated in Elwynn, some of them of ancient provenance, others of more recent construction, which were appropriated by followers of the Froyalanish Ancient Ways to serve as ritual centres at the heart of the Vanic domination of the Elwynnese cultural and geographical landscape.

Their high priestesses formed the Hjartardýrlafðir, the matriarchal council which had been the governing body of the Church of the Froyalanish Ancient Ways since the reign of Duke Harald.

The ostentation of these temple sites, along with the treasures accumulated within them, made them a prime target for looters and iconoclasts in the wake of the Auspicious Occasion. Archaeologists and cultural experts were left in despair by the unrestrained despoliation visited by Imperialist and Elwynnese mobs against these religious sites - the destruction of some being so thorough that it may prove impossible to discern the true history of the temples as opposed to the Froyalanish propaganda.

Temple Royal Precinct (1651) County (1659) City Fate
White Orchid Temple County of Araxion County of Araxion Araxion Tower Following the Auspicious Occasion the Dark Orchid Society crossed the western branch of river Elwynn into Araxion, stormed the temple. In this they were supported by the Brotherhood of Lest, who raped and butchered the priestesses, and with the blood of their victims rededicated the temple to the worship of Lest. The Dark Orchid Society, unable to restrain its fanatical allies, were obliged to acquiesce to the atrocity, in spite of their own reservations about alienating the Elw and attracting state or Imperial retribution. Re-dedicated as the Dark Orchid Temple.
Temple of Phantoms Emirate of Alalehzamin and Utasia Alalehzamin Ardashirshahr
Shrine of the Sea Federation of the Seven Ports Wintergleam Avaldsnes Demolished and replaced by a mud-hut.
Temple of Whispers County of Íseirdia-la-Vraulalennir Caligae
Sanctum of Dedication County of Agnesia and Wintergleam Dragonskeep
Temple of Shouts City and County of Eliria County of Eliria Echo Rededicated as the Temple of Moans, preserved as a permanent exhibition of vanic depravity.
Temple of Smiles City and County of Eliria County of Eliria Eliria Now a pleasure palace under the ownership of the Imperial Mother.
Mirage Temple County of Íseirdia-la-Vraulalennir Glenfiddich
Sanctum of Reflection Emirate of Alalehzamin and Utasia Utasia Islus Demolished; a meatpacking plant now stands on the site.
Shrine of the Wicked Garden Kingdom of Amokolia La Terre
Mackerel Temple Kingdom of Amokolia Rǫvarsbýur
Volcano Temple Duchy of Raikoth Tala Returned to Raikothin community for purification.
Temple of the Wolf and the Raven County of Illumination and Cimmeria Wolfraven Seized by the Icebear Cult in 1651 and used as venue for ritual degradation and sacrifice of Vanic clergy. Following the example set in Mishalan, many Vanics were thrown into a bear pit to be devoured.